The last requirement in the volunteer sign-up process – a background check – applies to some but not all CASP volunteers.

  • When it’s not needed
    If you don’t intend to be working alone with our asylum-seeking guests, you do not need a background check. However, you do need to write to to state that explicitly. When you’ve done that, add to your Contact list, and you’ve completed the sign-up process!
  • When it is needed
    If you expect to ever be working alone with one or more of our asylum-seeking guests, a background check is required. However, you may have already had a background check for another organization which will meet CASP’s requirements.

    • If you’ve already had a background check, write to to find out if it will suffice.
    • If you have not had one done previously, you’ll need to arrange for one. One convenient tool is, which works as follows:
      1.  Click here, which will open their website on a new tab, allowing you to return here at any time to see the rest of the instructions.
      2.  Create an account.
      3.  You will receive an emailed confirmation with a link to their sign-in page.
      4.  Sign in.
      5.  Select the $19.95 Basic Search. (The billing name on your card statement will be e-Renter USA. If you wish, CASP will reimburse you.)
      6.  Enter the required information.
      7.  When your background report is ready (often within minutes), you will receive an emailed notification.
      8.  Click on the link provided in the email.
      9.  Click on the “View Reports” button.
      10.  Click on the “Continue Order” button.
      11.  Click on the “Download Report” button.
      12.  Save your report to a convenient place on your computer.
      13.  Attach the report to an email addressed to, and send it in.

If you’d like to discuss the contents of your report or if you need help navigating the report website, feel free to contact

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to add to your email Contact list. This will help ensure that mail from the Volunteer Coordinator gets delivered to you (rather than ending up in your spam folder)!

You have now completed the volunteer sign-up process — welcome to CASP!