Giving today is one of the many ways you can be involved in the crucial work of supporting asylum seekers find and create a home in a new country. Together we are cultivating a welcoming and compassionate community.

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Remember the Windham County Fair and Impartial Policing Policy revisions that were strongly supported as part of non-binding resolutions at Town Meeting 2022 in Dummerston, Marlboro, and Putney?
Since then our local No Más Polimigra working group has been in communication with Sheriff Anderson to set up a public meeting where both sides can ask questions of each other and work towards a way to move forward. We will be working with two experienced mediators to plan for and implement this meeting.
We need to raise $1225 by January 31 to pay our half of the mediators. Make a contribution to this fundraiser!


NMP Working Group

For one-time donations, we welcome any of the following:

        • a check, payable to CASP, and sent to:


    • PO Box 1355
    • Brattleboro, VT 05302-1355

        • a donation of stocks or other appreciated securities(Contact our Treasurer at to make arrangements.)





We are currently not taking any material donations.

We encourage folks to donate their items to Carry Me Home, Experienced Goods, or SEVCA. We partner with them to get items for asylum-seekers when they need it.

If we ever need something specific that we cannot find through partner organizations we will send it out on our newsletter or post it on our social media.

Thank you for understanding.

Our financial details and information are found in our 2021 Annual Report.

Thank you for your support!