We’re looking for CASP friends who would make good additions to our Board of Directors.

Our Board is made up of people who share CASP’s commitment to support asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution and seeking to rebuild their lives in this country.

CASP Board members play critical leadership roles, and ensure the work of the organization is fulfilling our mission and moving us toward our vision. Our role in supporting asylum seekers is to help diminish the barriers that this country erects (physical, logistical, bureaucratic, and otherwise) to full inclusion.

We strive to stay current on issues of immigration and asylum so as to better understand the challenges faced by CASP asylum seekers. We seek to be advocates on all levels as we accompany asylum seekers on their journey.Board, asylum seekers, and staff enjoy getting to know and learn from each other. Our organization is small. We value personal connection and knowing each other as whole humans.


What is it like to be on the CASP Board of Directors?

“I joined the Board because, as a retired lawyer with some familiarity with asylum law, I thought I could be helpful in finding qualified lawyers to represent the people that CASP is hosting in their asylum proceedings… which has been very satisfying. I have also enjoyed working with the staff and other Board members in fulfilling the other aspects of CASP’s mission…”

– Judy Yogman


With CASP I am constantly reminded how Culture impacts everyone’s interactions and world views. I am part of a smart, motivated and caring group of people who all pay attention to the ways in which our various privileges impact our work in communities. Since joining the board, I have gotten to know so many incredible organizations around Windham County doing social justice work and better understand how much of a shared humanity we have.

– Jessa Harger

For more information about what serving on the Board entails, see our Board Membership Agreement.

Our process is that the Board Development Committee evaluates applications and reaches out to nominees with questions and more information, as part of the process of determining whether it would a mutual good fit. Final approval is granted by a vote of the full Board.

Might you or someone you know be a good fit?

We accept suggestions and nominations on a rolling basis and we’re looking for commitments in the near and long-term!

We look forward to connecting with you