volunteers rev.

A large pool of dedicated volunteers helps keep the work of CASP operating smoothly. For each guest family which CASP supports, there's a team of volunteers providing essential services, some working directly with our guests, some working behind the scenes.(If you're wondering how to become a CASP volunteer, visit our Volunteering page.)

For example:

"We got involved with CASP when a neighbor went door-to-door, recruiting the neighborhood to support a family of asylum seekers. As a family with young children, we don’t have a lot of extra money or a lot of extra time, but we did have a guest room in our house and decided we could offer that room to a family. Our asylum-seeking guests have been wonderful, easy housemates, and their presence has enriched our lives in countless ways."


"Volunteering for CASP gives me the opportunity to be directly involved with welcoming asylum seekers and helping them settle into our community. My experiences with CASP's guests have been interesting, stimulating, educational, and challenging. And fun! I have met many good and generous people as a CASP volunteer, and it is an honor to be among them. I am grateful to CASP for the work it does to bring asylum seekers to us - thank you Steve, CASP, and our asylum seekers for giving me a chance to make a difference!"


"I've found a variety of ways to contribute to CASP: transporting a newly-arrived asylum seeker to English classes, tutoring her in basic math skills, and taking her family for a picnic and swim outing. I also help with fundraising and outreach efforts. Whether I'm stuffing envelopes, baking cookies, or speaking on behalf of CASP at public events, I gain as much as I give by being part of this community."


"As someone who has lived and traveled to multiple Latin American countries and spent my career as a teacher of Spanish language and culture, volunteering for CASP has provided me an inspiring outlet for my skills in service to the courageous men and women who hope to one day make the USA their home."


"I volunteer for CASP because I am aware of all the pressures facing asylum seekers, and CASP is a very real way of affecting their lives for the better."