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The Community Asylum Seekers Project (CASP) is a social justice and immigrant activist organization.

Our Mission

We seek to cultivate a supportive community for those seeking asylum in the U.S., while offering basic needs and accompanying them on their journey towards building a life in Southern Vermont.

Our Impact

  • Providing basic needs and services: food, shelter, medical and mental health services, language learning, job training, and school enrollment.
  • Assistance in applying for work permits and navigating the complex asylum claim process.
  • Accompaniment through the asylum process and the journey to make a home in a new country.
  • Educational events and workshops about migration, trauma, and racism to facilitate increased public understanding and awareness about asylum seekers and their lived experience.


Changes in federal regulations about asylum seekers, along with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, have created multiple challenges for our critical work:

  • the need for extended support of our asylum-seeking guests, who must now wait double the time – a full year – to become eligible for a work permit.
  • the need for renewed support for asylum-seekers who had received a work-permit two years ago and their renewal is taking longer than the 180 days that the

    United States Citizenship and Immigration Services promises.

You can help us meet these challenges by visiting our donations page and becoming a sustaining donor.



In response to the evolving COVID-19 situation, we are providing our volunteers, staff, and guests with state and local guidelines, in Spanish and English, about in-person contact – realizing that everyone will need to take the personal precautions that protect their healthcare needs.


Stay Informed

Top photo: Scott Nicols