Board of Directors

Jim Gay

James Gay joins CASP with 37 years of experience in IT management, software development and project management. James recently retired after a distinguished 23-year career with Fidelity Investments departing from the position of Director of Workplace Services and Software Development. He holds a Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude, in Business Administration from Northeastern University. His past and current volunteer activities include working with the Vermont Foodbank, Meals on Wheels, Feeding the Thousands, the Windham County United Way, and as a foster care provider with the Vermont Department of Children and Families.

Susie Peters

susie-300Teacher, craftsperson, wife, mother and grandmother, Susie Peters was born in Grand Rapids, MI, but has lived and worked in Saxtons River for the past 48 years. She’s served for many years on the boards of a local social service agency and an arts organization, and she has co-created and volunteered with various peace, justice and environmental groups. Susie has performed with various choir groups, and she and her husband maintain a large organic vegetable garden.

Dorothy Leech

dorothyBorn in San Jose, CA, and with a background that includes such diverse pursuits as a licensed movie projectionist and illustrator for books and articles by the New York Times and Daily News, Random House, Scholastic, and Dell Publications, Dorothy settled into a seventeen-year career teaching 8th-grade English. After two years working as a one-on-one instructor for students with dyslexia at the Stern Center, she is now a learning coach for high school students and post-graduates at Kimball Union Academy in New Hampshire.  

Dempster Leech

dempster-300A Chicago native, Dempster trained as an artist and worked as a professional actor for a dozen years, touring and playing in Equity regional theater. After meeting his wife and co-board member Dorothy, he decided to give up show business and settle into the life of a licensed New York private investigator. Four years ago, he and Dorothy moved full-time to Rockingham, VT, to be with children and grandchildren.

Francie Marbury

Francie Marbury’s professional life was committed to public school education, culminating in a 15-year tenure as principal of the Marlboro School. During retirement she has explored a wide variety of interests, including volunteering at the school several days a week. She also serves on the board of the Marlboro Alliance, an umbrella organization for community service groups, and on the board of the Hogback Mountain Conservation Association.  She is a member of Putney Friends Meeting; through the Quaker belief that there is that of God in everyone, she has become interested in working with individuals and families who are seeking asylum.

Kathleen Pirruccello

Kathleen’s interest in asylum seekers is bone-deep, as she is the proud granddaughter of an Irish immigrant who came to the U.S. when the shop windows said, “Help Wanted–Irish need not apply.” She lived in the Philippines and on Guam as a small child. Her awareness of social justice and participation in civil rights work began in Montgomery and Selma, Alabama, and has continued through involvement in a number of organizations and campaigns.  In southern Vermont, she raised two children and worked as a speech and language pathologist in myriad schools from Brattleboro to Springfield.  She is glad to be helping CASP in its life-affirming work.